The foundation will consciously create Enterprise Development Clusters for start up businesses in all local government in the State. This will begin with a particular local government and each cluster will be focusing on the resource strength of each of the local government. In this wise, infrastructure will be commonly provided for start ups to enjoy in the cluster.

  1. For infrastructural development of the first Enterprise Cluster, an initial sum of N100 million is earmarked for this per annum to ensure the commencement of the enterprise development cluster in the first year, and a total estimated cost of N300 million for the first 3 years in this category
  2. For funding of the start ups, a total sum N15 million will be made available as start up grants through a micro credit scheme for proper take off of trained entrepreneurs on an annual basis. Total support in this category for the first 3 years is put at N75 million
  3. The foundation will consciously invest in as many of the enterprises as possible that are considered viable to enhance their speedy growth. The foundation will also consciously create markets for the products of the enterprise cluster to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise clusters. The sum of N25 million is earmarked for this support annually, giving a total support of N75 million in the first 3 years.

In all, the Rafiu Ibrahim Bilal Foundation will be committing a total sum of N844 million to the 3 major area of activities in its first three years of operations.